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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Apple's smart glasses are closer than ever

It is no secret that the Apple company is preparing some systems of augmented reality glasses , or a model that is intelligent and allows the user to perform the most varied actions. There was already a scheduled date, which could be the year 2020.

The truth is that in 2014 , a model was already patented by Cupertino , but the patent numbering 9,922,446 has been presented today. It is called " Method for the representation of virtual information in a real environment ". And it would be a system by which we could handle applications of augmented reality , using as support the iPhone and the iPad, but through these glasses.

The augmented reality, to explain it in a simple way, would be a series of images that are superimposed on the natural vision of the person , and with which you can interact. On these images can be represented texts, graphics or indications of any kind, helping the person who interacts with them to perform any type of action.

Already Apple has given a lot of impetus to their augmented reality projects in their current operating system for iPhone and iPad, iOS 11 . It is a project that has begun to see the light, you just have to shop around the Apple application store to see that there are many more of them, we make special mention of games , in which users take an active part of them thanks to this type of technology .

Anyway, what is clear with all this is that the bet of the company is strong in this regard , we do not know if finally that year that has been discussed as possible for launching this type of gadgets will be a reality or not yet.

Do you think that the RA glasses will fit into the Apple ecosystem?

Via | idropnews 

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