Beware, this WhatsApp virus is capable of hacking the app -


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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Beware, this WhatsApp virus is capable of hacking the app

WhatsApp returns to be the focus of an annoying virus that is capable of knocking down the application completely and leaving it inoperative . As reported by a Navarre Police Foral, there have been several cases of people affected in that community.

This virus asks the person who receives it to do it a favor. This consists in the re-sending of an SMS. According to warn from police sources, it is necessary to ignore the requests , because this is that this virus is not harmless .

    ⚠ ☢ If a contact asks you to send him a sms with a link, BEWARE, it is a virus that hacks WhatsApp. This afternoon, several cases! 💀
    - Regional Police (@policiaforal_na) March 17, 2018

The request received by the affected user comes from a known contact of his, so that a possible crime of identity theft is being investigated. Logically, upon receiving the message from a known contact the chances of the victim falling into the trap multiply.

In fact, there have already been several complaints before the police bodies and it is not ruled out that this virus has continued to spread, as was also the case with those that preceded it . We remember the Coca-Cola fridge, the Spotify fridge, the gift certificate from Decathlon or Zara , the clothing chain.

As always, it is convenient to put into practice certain common sense rules in these cases. Nobody is safe from receiving a message of this type, although with these indications it will be easier not to fall into the trap .

How to detect these viral messages

  • -Request to click on a link to get an easy reward .
  • -They often have spelling mistakes or unusual expressions .
  • They ask for speed in which you do what is asked for , and generally warns that whoever sends it has its prize.
  • -The link to click has a very strange composition , which does not match official domains.
  • -brands do not send promotions by WhatsApp , at least yet.

Have you received this message? What are your precautions?

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