Saturday, 10 March 2018

Browse Google Maps as if you were Super Mario Bros

Google has created a new and surprising initiative by including a very curious functionality in its Google Maps application. Tomorrow, March 10, the international day of Mario is celebrated and the company wanted to join the celebration with a super fun novelty.

From now on, you can navigate around the world like Super Mario on Google Maps . This feature will be available for a limited time and will also offer the classic Super Mario Kart sound effects.

It seemed that Nintendo was watching its great empire tremble when it presented its Wii U. Now, after the incredible success of the augmented reality of Pokémon GO , the arrival of Super Mario to the mobile platforms and the great sales of the Switch console ... the company returns to be what it was.

Nintendo has been renewed, is back in fashion, and Google has wanted to get on the car to celebrate Mario's Day .

Super Mario arrives at Google Maps

Starting today, when you start Google Maps, instead of appearing the usual blue navigation arrow, you will see the most famous plumber mounted on his iconic red kart. While navigating through any city, you will hear sound effects with Mario's mythical phrases. Looking for an address was never so fun!

But, despite the excitement, Google wanted to include a friendly warning to drive safely saying "We do not advise you to throw bananas or red shells to other drivers in real life!"

To use Super Mario in Google Maps you must update the application from the App Store and press the yellow icon with the "?" Sign next to the blue start button.

Super Mario Run is on offer for a limited time

Additionally, on the occasion of the celebration of Mario's Day, Nintendo has lowered the price of the Super Mario Run game for iPhone and iPad . Normally, unlock all content was available for 10 euros, but between March 10 and March 25 you can buy the six worlds for only 5 euros.

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run
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From CP we loved the initiative of Google, and we have nothing left to say except ... Congratulations dear Mario! 

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