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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Build your own charging dock for iPhone with LEGO

Oh, the LEGOs. Probably one of the favorite toys of my childhood and my adulthood. I could spend hours designing gadgets and robots of all kinds, programming them and spending time doing missions. I think the LEGOs are responsible for many of us growing up wanting to be engineers, spending quality time with our parents, siblings or grandparents riding and dismantling things. LEGO does not go out of style .

Well, this morning we met at Reddit with an authentic wonder that combines two iconic brands: LEGO and Apple. And is that you can get the most unique, personal and cheap cargo dock - as long as you have LEGO at home - of the world . In addition, it is fully functional.

Apple is an absolute reference of the sector and the favorite brand of many users, so it is not surprising that many manufacturers design accessories for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. From compatible chargers, cases, belts ... and of course, cargo docks. These useful supports allow us to leave our phones in view while they are being loaded, so we can see the time, we can skip the song if we are in Spotify, etc. But we insist: there are many docks in the market, but none like the LEGO one .

Here we show you some photos to make you to the idea. Eye because this dock is sensitive to the situation in which we live, in which it is relatively common for the iPhone user has launched and purchased an Apple Watch, so with this dock you can load both gadgets with integrated cables but hidden at a glance

Unfortunately, this imaginative user of Reddit has not provided the instructions, but you already know that with LEGO, imagination to power! We have tracked the internet and we have found a tutorial that informs us about the pieces and the steps to follow to create a charging dock for the iPhone 5, but the essence is the same. Update it Modify it to your liking. Change pieces and combine colors .

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