Friday, 9 March 2018

Dark business: hackers sell your Apple ID for $ 15

The security of Apple's mobile operating system has always been questioned since its inception. It happened with the #CelebGate , continued with the Jailbreak and returned in the form of hackers stealing iCloud accounts.

As much as we think that iOS is one of the most protected systems in terms of security , attackers always find gaps and vulnerabilities to hack the system.

In fact, recently it has been discovered that hackers are selling Apple ID accounts stolen in the deep web for only $ 15.39 each. If you have ever received a phishing email or a scam , you will know that stealing an Apple ID is not as difficult as it seems.

Your Apple ID costs $ 15 in the deep web

$ 15.39. This is the most expensive session start outside of the finance services sector. But if you think about it, it 's an excessively cheap price if we talk about the privacy of a user ...

From Top10VPN have revealed some very interesting data:

    "Our team has analyzed lists related to fraud in three of the most important markets of the Deep Internet, Dream, Point and Wall Street Market between the 5th and the 11th of February 2018. The lists have been categorized to calculate their prices. selling."

Obviously, bank accounts are the most expensive in these illegal sales listings. For example, some PayPal credentials reached a price of $ 274.

    "Access to online store accounts like Amazon or Walmart costs just over $ 10. Even eBay accounts only reach $ 12 on the deep web. Communication services like Skype also cost less than $ 10. "

The highest prices of the hacked accounts of these listings are the following:

    Western Union: 101 $
    Debit card: $ 67.50
    Credit card: $ 50

Experts strongly recommend the use of VPN services as well as the authentication of two factors to avoid getting involved in these types of scams. If you think your Apple ID has been stolen, immediately contact the Apple company.

Via | 9to5mac 

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