Dear Apple: although we are not students, 5GB free of iCloud is very little -


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Saturday, 31 March 2018

Dear Apple: although we are not students, 5GB free of iCloud is very little

During the education event last Tuesday, February 27 in Chicago, Apple introduced the new iPad 2018 to the world and showed a series of tools designed to revolutionize education thanks to new technologies. Among its many new features we saw one that we found very useful: to go from 5GB to 200GB free in iCloud . Yes, only for students .

How wonderful: photos, documents, videos, notes, songs, backup copies ... all in the cloud and free. And suddenly I woke up from my dream and discovered that I was not a student. I'm not going to cheat you, going from 5GB to 50GB means one euro per month and the rest of the iCloud rates are not far-fetched . But let's be honest, 5 GB free is a pittance . It made sense when he was introduced to the WWDC in 2011 so that people would become familiar, but not now.

I have an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple Watch, an iMac and a Macbook Pro. As you can imagine, just using the photo library or saving my backups in the cloud, I've already eaten the 5GB to spare . It is clear that as a hook for you to chop and contract iCloud works, but would not it make more sense to increase that capacity for free?

Why should Apple increase the free 5GB of iCloud?

You just have to keep an eye on the competition to discover that Apple is raucous in this regard: Google gives 15 GB free on its Drive and Samsung another 15 GB. However, Apple offers the third part. This offer is simply out of the market .

We have said it before: 7 years have passed and we already know how the cloud works and we love it. When you do not know, you hardly use it, but now it is normal to use it to store and synchronize devices. Another compelling reason to expand the free capacity: the more you use it, the more space you need .

But let's go back to the wonderful Apple ecosystem . When someone buys an Apple gadget, it is quite likely that they like it so much that they expand and buy more devices . It is clear that the iPhone is its flagship product, but the AirPods, iPad, Macs ... are simply great.

Also, everything in Apple is simpler and more intuitive. Would not it make more sense for Apple to expand those 5GB starting iCloud as we bought more Apple gadgets? We know that Apple earns more and more money in services , but buying a device from the bitten apple is not cheap precisely .

In addition, Apple continues to implement functions that are logically stored in iCloud, that is, Apple itself "eats up" our space. Times have changed, needs too. I hope Apple gives us a good news in WWDC 2018 in the form of more free storage in the cloud . 

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