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Monday, 19 March 2018

Do not fall for this scam to buy a cheap iPhone

You are in front of the computer because you want to acquire an iPhone that does not cost you a kidney. There is a lot of second-hand market that offers good opportunities . You can also find sealed terminals of people who take them out of the operators and then resell them. Something totally lawful and something to take into account if your budget is limited.

Although not everything always happens as it should be. In fact, I was the victim of a scam for almost six years trying to buy an iPhone 4S, so I ran out of iPhone and without 460 euros, with impossibility also be able to sit on the bench to the scammer for being in South America.

And there are always ways to cheat , they are becoming more sophisticated even. That's why, beware if that iPhone so appetizing that you just saw has a discount so succulent that it's too nice to be true.

Many times you can find yourself in pages or applications of purchase-sale with phones that have been stolen, and therefore, reported to the security forces. The problem, are blocked and when trying to activate the device is impossible mission . Yes, the famous blocking by iCloud.

The best thing to avoid situations like this is to try to obtain the IMEI of the device beforehand, talk to the seller, and check on web pages like this the situation of the phone. Easy to get that information and free, although it is not the only one. A Google search can help you find more options.

We can also run into cases such as people who order "mules" to contract several devices with the intention of subsequently canceling contracts or stop paying after a certain time. The brain of the operation sells the blocked phones and takes out money . The people who have offered to play a mule have a contract that can not be resolved because they do not return the device to the company. The perfect mess.

Try therefore to buy from trusted sellers and never hesitate to ask for the IMEI , universal 15-digit code that identifies the device, the seller. If it takes you long, run away and do not look back. Your money and tranquility is worth some simple check.

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