Do you think Apple has become boring? This study says yes -


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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Do you think Apple has become boring? This study says yes

From Apple we have heard many things, which is a top brand for the generation Y or millennials , which generates benefits like never before. Every step that takes place in Cupertino is followed closely by many brands . Or do we not remember the Chinese impersonators of the notch?

However, a recent study has indicated something different. The brand has fallen from positions 5 to 29 in the list of companies that do not innovate, or that have not taken anything significant in the last year . Perhaps this ranking is not very scientific, although it is revealing.

The sample has been a survey of 25,800 citizens from various places in the United States . And is that people who have participated do not see that the brand of the bitten apple has brought new things, their interest to innovate seems to have vanished for a while .

Does not Apple have too much commercialization presence? Does not Apple do enough advertising space or do these go unnoticed? Perhaps it can be a sample of how the brand should consider its presence in the world of advertising .

According to John Gerzema , CEO of the polling company, Harris Poll, both Apple and Google, which is also in a falling position with respect to previous years, falls from 8 to 28 of the list , this may be something completely normal. Consumers have perceived that there is nothing that catches their attention, not even the iPhone X seems to have excited them.

    " Google and Apple, at this moment, go through a kind of valleys "

The list of the 10 most motivating companies for the people who participated in the interview is headed by Amazon, the online sales giant worldwide.
1. Amazon
2. Wegmans Food Markets Inc
3. Tesla Motors
4. Chick-fil-A
5. Walt Disney
6. HEB Grocery Company LP
7. UPS
8. Publix Super Markets
9. Patagonia Inc
10. Aldi Inc

Do you think the interviewees are quite right? What can Apple do to re-climb positions? Leave us your opinions in comments.

Via | cultofmac 

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