Do you want reliability and resistance? Discover the Syncwire product range -


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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Do you want reliability and resistance? Discover the Syncwire product range

There is no doubt that it is so important to have a device that meets our expectations and that its accessories are of quality. Of all it is known that the cables that Apple includes on their iPhone and iPad are not of extreme quality. In fact all end up dying in the same place , the union between the lightning connector and the cable itself.

And the problem is the same as always, an original spare part of the brand itself is not exactly economic, with the inconvenience that it will end up happening the same over time. That is why it is important to be aware of manufacturers that produce certified products with maximum guarantee and at a lower price.

For this reason we recommend the entire range of Syncwire products, a company that is synonymous with reliability, resistance and a very tight price . The range that we can find of them is very varied and they have several characteristics that make them highly recommended.

Certification of the most reliable

The acronym MFi comes from Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod , that is, "Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod". The lightning connection was introduced in 2012 for the iPhone 5 and came to replace the old 30 pins that had been used until then. On Apple's own support page we found some recommendations so that we do not get any falsification .

The brands authorized by Apple have this certification, with which our certified cable will work in the same way as the original, thanks to a chip that goes inside the connector itself . In this way we will achieve stable cable and power. It is never worth scratching a few euros in this regard, which apart from being a useless investment can compromise our safety and that of the device. With Syncwire we can be sure that it will be like that, since they have this approval from the Cupertino company . You will not go back to consider another type of purchase

Syncwire Products

Resistance to stop a train

They are products that last for years, in the literal sense of the word. I can attest to that, as I bought several when I released the iPhone 6 in October 2014 and I still use them without the slightest sign of wear . This is thanks to the quality of its components. It is striking that the cable is made with a nylon braid of great hardness , which is very resistant to stress and the twisting itself that we apply to roll them.

Warranty (for life)

The cables that are included in the boxes of Apple devices are guaranteed for 2 years, and in fact, when I have been broken by the use before that time I have always executed the warranty without any problem. Now, you may find that they do not understand Apple what is a current use and misuse , and do not proceed therefore to change it.

With Syncwire there is no such problem, your products are guaranteed for life . Come on, if you break it, they change it immediately for another. For this reason I make this brand my supplier of cargo accessories, and that I still have not broken any.

And if you check the comments of satisfied customers, always give a very positive assessment to their products , which undoubtedly is a differentiating factor when choosing one or the other product.

Total compatibility

The connection lightning is used fortunately for almost everything, from charging the iPhone or iPad, to the Magic Mouse or the AirPods box, to name a few. I have never noticed any difference in the loading speed with respect to the original articles .
Price, with discount coupon!

The prices of Apple cables and chargers are what they are, expensive. Syncwire offers us a wide range at a competitive price with excellent quality . In addition to this you can take advantage of the discount code we have for you, with which you will automatically save 10 percent on the purchase. Do not forget to apply it before finalizing it.


So you know, choose Syncwire as a manufacturer when buying a cable or charger, because savings, security and reliability are assured . You will no longer have to suffer from having a cable that is not able to continue working before the end of its useful life.

Syncwire Products 

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