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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Doing homework with the iPad can be fun, Apple's latest ad

Yesterday's educational event left us the presentation of a new iPad, and that will have a lot of relevance in the education sector. It goes out to stores with a very popular price of 349 euros, and best of all is its ability to work with the Apple Pencil , something very necessary in this world where homework is made to order the day.

In addition, students can have 200 GB in iCloud to store their tasks and jobs, slamming the 5 GB of a normal account. Finally the company of the bitten apple has an interesting gesture in terms of storage .

And to announce the departure of this new iPad, 9.7 inches screen, Apple has released on its official YouTube channel an ad that is called " The homework " (the task), And that with a duration of more than two minutes shows the challenge for students today to develop a job that their teacher tells them about gravity .

And it is that this announcement shows all the possibilities that the iPad offers to the group of students that has to develop the work, and that it can be the recording in slow motion, the use of the Apple Pencil to write and take notes , the application Clips for develop the own task that has to be presented, or the possibility of anchoring an application in order to work with the split screen. These students are aces!

This new tablet aims to give an impetus to the iPad as an educational tool, remember that the educational section of Apple has been working for many years and training teachers in this type of tools , aiming to develop pleasant classes and development of teaching and learning where the student is the protagonist of this process.

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