Download the incredible wallpapers of the keynote -


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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Download the incredible wallpapers of the keynote

Yesterday we left an educational event which we expected many things and those that were presented, without detracting, perhaps left us wanting more . Held in a high school in Chicago, a new iPad has been introduced that is available now and has very good features, quite affordable price, part of 349 euros, and best of all, is compatible with the Apple Pencil

And although we may have to wait a few days to have our hands one of the things that has escaped us, which is the new operating system iOS 11.3, yes you can already have at your disposal the incredible wallpapers of this event . We have prepared them especially for you, and although apparently they look the same they are with stars and without them, if you look closely you will be able to appreciate the difference.

Wallnote wallpapers of March 27

How to select a new wallpaper

After downloading the wallpaper you want on your device, you will have to access the "Wallpaper" section of the iOS Adjustment application to include the new wallpaper on your Home Screen or on your Lock Screen from the " Select another background. " And that's it, to enjoy the change of look of our mobile desktop.

And is that this combination of images, as you have seen, have a beautiful effect on our device, embellishing it and giving it a very nice appearance . In addition to this you will be up to date, because in iPadizate we try to always be at the forefront

And this has been our selection of wallpapers or wallpapers about the event or keynote of yesterday, surely you have already been infatuated with some. We hope you have been to your liking, now it's your turn to personalize your iPhone with these incredible wallpapers . 

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