First filtered photo of the iPhone SE 2 with glass housing -


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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

First filtered photo of the iPhone SE 2 with glass housing

The iPhone SE was a sensation when it arrived in March 2016. Apple surprised everyone by giving us a small, but powerful terminal. Many were those who claimed a device that went against the current , they took and carry the large screens. The Cupertino took out a phone that after a design that reminded a lot of the iPhone 5s, hides a real beast.

A very capable rear camera, not so much the front one, an A9 processor, the same one that mounts the 6S series, a 4-inch screen and high performance at a significantly small price . And after almost two years with us, it is true that we demand a review of this terminal.

Maybe we would have forgotten a bit about him after the hurricane of the iPhone X and the series 8 , all launched in the last quarter of 2017. And of course, Apple has scheduled an educational event this March 27 in which many new features will be presented. When we already assumed that there would be no iPhone SE 2, or at least whether or not it will be in Chicago in 8 days, we do have an interesting novelty .

And is that after some confusing information , have leaked some photos of what may be the new iPhone SE, although its name is quite an unknown . The design shows that the camera may receive an update, but that it will not be double. And what is clear, for its vitreous appearance in the back, is that it would incorporate wireless charging , technology belatedly adopted by Apple in 2017.

Because of the color, there may also be a change, since it shows a pink gold color similar to that of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. We only need to know if it would incorporate Face ID, which is unlikely, and if the chip receives an update that continues to make this device something of the cutting edge in the range of small screens. Maybe in a week we will leave doubts or have to wait for the WWDC on June 4 .

Via | slashleaks 

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