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Saturday, 3 March 2018

From iPhone X Plus to AirPods 2: everything Apple will launch in 2018

Apple is a company in continuous evolution, always going well beyond and in the words of Tim Cook to a North American media, is already designing everything that will come out in the year 2020 . But the present is 2018 and surely they have outlined everything that they will offer before the end of the year . Let's review then the proposals that will bring us the company of the bitten apple between now and December.

We can not put our heads through the famous crystals of Apple Park and see what Cupertino engineers have in hand , but we will pay attention to the continuous leaks and demands of the public to get an idea of ​​what is to come .


It is practically taken for granted that the iPhone X will be discontinued during this year , and that it will be replaced by three models of different sizes. The first would be a 5.8-inch iPhone, which would replace the iPhone X and would have OLED screen. Second we would find a 6.1-inch iPhone and LCD screen that would replace the iPhone 8 Plus and finally a larger iPhone, which would go to 6.5 inches and this week we have known that it could have dual SIM for some markets , in addition to returning the gold color to the existing range.

Another review would be the iPhone SE, a phone that has had quite remarkable success , and that would be presented in the second generation and although there have been many rumors it seems that finally there will be a change of processor and the incorporation of wireless charging. You can even see it during this month of March, although the wait could be made until June.


Apple's iPad could be the surprise, in fact it could arrive even in a few days. We remember that the iPad 2017 that is so successful is so successful and offers such good features, was not presented in any type of event. Apple could do a review of this model making it even more economical.

The new iPad Pro would be expected after autumn and would present many of the improvements that the iPhone X has incorporated, such as the Face ID and screen with virtually no frames, although they would have a start button, keeping the current sizes of 10.5 and 12.9 inches.

Apple Watch

We had Apple Watch again during the year that ended in December , so probably the company of the bitten apple will consider making an aesthetic change in its smart watch, since it has not undergone modifications practically since it came out . In addition to this I could incorporate an improved battery and even a speaker, in addition to always having the time available on the screen.


Apple introduced in December the new iMac Pro , a real beast capable of everything and even price that makes tremble. However, there may be changes in the most economical ranges, with improved screens in the Mac Pro and three new laptops with more advanced processors. You will probably also be given access to a new 13-inch MacBook .


Undoubtedly, Apple's AirPort has been a resounding success for the company , both for the concept and for audio quality. This second generation of wireless headphones would have an improved load housing, with the possibility of even wireless charging, even be water resistant .


The long-awaited charging base of Apple is making you wait, once it will be able to charge the smart watch, the iPhone carrying wireless charging and the AirPods . Although we are impatient and it is taking a long time, it is assumed that during this year 2018 will go on sale.

iOS 12

Apple's current operating system, iOS 11 , generates split opinions despite the multiple improvements it has presented for all its devices. ** iOS 12 may be presented at the World Developers Conference ** to be held during the month of June , and probably present as a novelty the universal applications for the Apple ecosystem, which would be very well received among people who They have Cupertino brand devices from different areas, be it an iPhone, iPad, a Mac or an Apple Watch.

These are the most likely additions to the sales channels, in this year 2018 that is already in progress. They will wait with great expectation these three new models of iPhone , as the iPhone X has not seemed to work too well in some markets and the competition is tightening very strong as we saw in the global mobile congress that has just finished in Barcelona .

What are you missing from this list? Do you think Apple has some different surprises prepared? Tell us in our comments section.

Via | 9to5mac 

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