Google Lens already appears on iOS if you have the Google Photos app -


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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Google Lens already appears on iOS if you have the Google Photos app

oogle Lens already begins to appear in the iOS operating system, the functionality can be seen today by those who have the Google Photos app. Google Lens allows you to identify any object through a photo and then give all the information. You take the picture of an image or business card and when you enter it in Google Lens, you will have all the information about the image or the person.

Google Lens is the image search and artificial intelligence system of Google.
Google, the Mountain View company revealed that in the coming hours will be available on iOS its new system of visual recognition with artificial intelligence Google Lens.

The functionality of Google had already been presented last May, but only applied to the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices. But this year, at the end of February it was reported that it could also be used in other Android phones and then in iPhone.

This tool from Google, uses artificial intelligence for the recognition of images, according to the company, that is ideal for use in photos of business cards, buildings, advertising, books, animals, monuments and paintings when looking for information about the objective.

The Google developers explain that Google Lens has the ability to make the recognition in a photo that has phone numbers or an address, and then store the information among the user's contacts, such as having an agenda.

The firm indicated that Google Lens for the iOS operating system may begin to be seen by some of the users from today, as long as they have already installed the Google Photos application on their computers.

They assure that later it will be extended this functionality of gradual way to the different Android devices that have the operating system of the company Apple

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