Google recognizes that Android has never been as safe as iOS ... so far -


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Monday, 19 March 2018

Google recognizes that Android has never been as safe as iOS ... so far

The debate between iOS and Android has always been, is and will be on everyone's lips. Both mobile operating systems dominate the smartphone industry , and each has its advantages and shortcomings.

In the case of iOS, to mention a couple of examples, it provides users with much less customization and freedom than Android. Although it is more intuitive and its design is much more elegant. In addition, iOS has always been more secure than Android , and so they have recognized it from Google.

Although it is important to note that both iOS and Android have seen how attackers exploited their vulnerabilities to introduce viruses, malware and malicious bugs . But Google has always been way below Apple's level of security.

Android recognizes that iOS has always been more secure

David Kleidermacher, director of security for Android, Google Play and Chrome's operating system, has been interviewed by CNET and has stated that "Android is now as secure as its competitors" . And in the market the only operating systems that dominate are iOS and Android, so it has only confirmed that the security of iOS was ahead.

    "As Android security has matured, it has become much more difficult and expensive for attackers to find vulnerabilities."

But Kleidermacher also wanted to launch a dart to Apple and its iOS system:

    "As an open source project, Android has a large community of advocates who collaborate to locate vulnerabilities. This community is much more effective than a closed-source project on a similar scale. "

Android has improved its security because, among other reasons, users usually report all kinds of vulnerabilities they find in their system. For its part, Apple offers large sums of money to those who manage to identify security failures.

Via | iDropNews 

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