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Friday, 16 March 2018

Hell on Earth could exist: the Apple Store

When Steve Jobs came up with the Apple Store, he imagined it as a totally different concept from consumer electronics stores: he wanted them to be open spaces, with careful attention to detail and the iconic minimalism of the bitten apple. Going to an Apple Store was much more than buying , it was an entire experience.

Thus, Apple devised a strict protocol in which nothing was left to chance , not even the angle of the screens and of course, there is a code of conduct for its employees and their way of interacting with the client. This investment came out round.

In 2017, the firm eMarketer and CoStar estimated that Apple gets a profit of more than $ 5,000 per square foot, or what is the same, almost 50,000 euros per square meter. A fortune that ranked him as the number one store in the sector , although since 2012 - where they managed to exceed $ 6,000 per square foot - has been falling.

However, if you have visited an Apple Store recently, you will no longer feel the same magic. Even some users come to compare it with going shopping on a Saturday afternoon at the supermarket: a hell on Earth .

Often many fans of the bitten apple take advantage of trips to big cities to immerse themselves in the Apple experience and what they find there horrifies them : shops full of people - who, like them, go to browse -, dependents who do not know if they are busy or no ... if you go without a reservation, in some cases it will be very difficult for you to be treated. So social networks have been filled with complaints about the main Apple Store on the planet.

Maybe the web does not have that charm, that characteristic aroma, does not prevent you from seeing, touching, smelling and immersing yourself in the Apple sphere, but at least you can buy with peace of mind .

Has that business model been exhausted?

We have said it before: the Apple Store were created so that we immersed ourselves in a unique experience very different from buying, the aesthetic was not the same or the rhythms. So, you could have a good time touching everything, asking, feeling at home. It's what Jobs wanted .

But what happens when there are hordes of people collapsing the corridors? Even worse, queuing up in the vicinity of commerce, as we saw recently in Sydney with the launch of the iPhone X. That this is no longer possible and that the complaints do not stop happening, reaching to ask for efficiency, that is, that they are taken care of as soon as possible to be able to go, above this Apple spirit of relaxation, of space for meeting and enjoyment.

Some employees of Apple Store declared at the end of last year to Business Insider that these crowds were a serious problem for this business model so personalized and relaxed - or so conceived by Steve Jobs - that it was no longer functional.

Are the Apple Store doomed to extinction?

In 2016, Angela Ahrendts, the head of the Apple Stores, explained that:

    Apple needs to open incredible and open places that look like town squares. We want you to stay at Apple, so you can see what happens.

And with that idea Apple continues to open luxurious Apple Store in the centers of the best cities on the planet , right on the routes that many visitors travel.

Of course, with the current problems of massification, the town square seems to be the biggest day of the holidays, a problem for the efficient management of the business, but also for the satisfaction of the users .

Is the previous appointment a solution? For some questions probably yes, but beyond the live demonstration of the infinite possibilities of Apple gadgets, it seems that as in Patrick Suskind's book "The Perfume", the essence of Jobs has died of success . 

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