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Sunday, 25 March 2018

How does the change of time affect your iPhone?

During this morning the change to summer time in Europe will occur. The last weekend of March is the one used to advance the clocks one hour , according to a European regulation that has been applied since 1974, so that at 2 in the morning it will be 3 o'clock.

In humans, it is already known how it affects, sometimes for the worse and sometimes for the better. Whoever is working tonight in a hospital, patrolling in a police car or in a factory on night shift will see how his much shorter journey is done , a luck.

Those who have the luck to rest act differently. They sleep one hour less, get up even with less appetite and can usually go a little lost for the rest of the day . And of course, when the afternoon comes it is observed that there is more time of light. And all this happens because of the objective, often questioned, of making better use of daylight hours.

And your Apple device? Well, he is probably the one who gets used to the change better, since he does it automatically when he receives the signal from the operator . Come on, you do not have to make any kind of adjustment, which happens in the same way with computers and tablets.

And if your device is purchased in a foreign country, imagine that your brand new iPhone X you bought in the United States, you will not have any problem, since it is a fully automatic process , manually adjust it went down in history.

And of course, who better leads this type of change is your Apple Watch , which makes this change instantly. Our gadgets do not suffer like us with the time change , so do not worry, follow your life and rest, that tomorrow is Sunday and you are already on vacation.

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