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Sunday, 18 March 2018

How the iPhone helped the success of a photographer

If we tell you the name of Luisa Dörr you probably do not know who it is. If we talk about a person who has managed to make covers for Times magazine using an iPhone as a camera and things change.

Luisa studied photography at the university, in her native country, Brazil, and quickly did what many photographers usually do, dedicate themselves to photographing the celebrations, whether it was a wedding or whatever it was that arose. However, in 2012 he bought an iPhone and began to apply the techniques he had learned at the university to his mobile device.

And is that this fact was an interesting turning point in his career, since in front of the target of his iPhone have passed personalities such as Aretha Franklin, the Williams sisters or Hillary Clinton . And in addition to this occupy covers for the prestigious Times magazine.

Happy with this, in the blog of the company Adobe the works of the Brazilian have been chosen to put the graphic side to the International Women's Day that we have just concluded.

The space in Instagram of this photographer has thousands of followers and their photographs have an exceptional quality, especially when they have been shot from a simple iPhone like the one next to you. Recently he has been in Spain where he has reflected many of our scenes and people .

In September of 2017 it was when he made his series of best known portraits, and that they are the ones that have appeared in the North American publication. And is that she came to the United States with her iPhone and a suitcase , nothing more. He did not carry any kind of photographic equipment. The same Luisa narrates that all the equipment that a professional photographer takes usually makes it very difficult to make portraits , but since she is working with something as close and daily as an iPhone, it makes the work environment more comfortable, there is not too much chaos and the people who are being photographed relax and collaborate better.

Viewing the works of the Brazilian it is deduced that the talent together with the quality of the camera of an iPhone achieves that the photography goes to another level , as has been shown recently , in some photographs shared by Tim Cook.

Via | cultofmac 

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