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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How many people will buy an iPhone this fall

Oh, what a pleasure to buy a new iPhone! Take it out of its minimalist design box and keep your mouth open in the face of such beauty. It is true that until the iPhone X we had been accustomed to see more or less the same, but with the new iPhone X the surprise has been greater than ever .

After 6 months with the iPhone X in the market we know that, while the iPhone is a money-making machine for the bitten apple, not as many terminals have been sold as expected, although thanks to its sale price Apple is getting more benefits never

However, some analysts say that this is a supercycle , will it take place with the iPhone of 2018? According to the firm Loup Ventures : it will be no . Apple would be in a slower and more predictable growth phase .

To reach this conclusion, they conducted a survey among 511 people from the United States, of whom 226 were owners of an iPhone. Of these, 42% planned to update their terminal this spring , just after the traditional September keynote.

Will they be interested in the three iPhone that Apple will release this fall? Well not as much as you might think. Of the 42% who want a new iPhone, 20% will bet on an iPhone that is already in the market, such as the iPhone X or iPhone 8, and 22% will go for a newly introduced iPhone.

So that we get used to the idea, if we compare it with the results of the past years, 23% wanted a new model. In 2016 only 15% bet to update to a newly launched iPhone. It seems that not even the disruptive design of the iPhone X and the generated hype will translate into a noticeable increase in sales .

Consequences of slow and predictable iPhone sales

So for the moment, supercycle nothing . According to Loup Ventures, the estimated growth for the iPhone is only 3%, far from the 10% limit, after which entry into a supercycle would be considered.

But that does not mean it's a bad thing, since Apple continues to reap more benefits simply by increasing the unit price of their iPhone. In addition it has also obtained some valuable feedback: large screens like and much to users , who will be delighted with the foreseeable launch of the iPhone X Plus .

Nor can we forget that while in previous years Apple's strategy was to present two models, since 2017 Apple has opted to launch 3 iPhone, further diversifying its market .

This has a double reading: on the one hand Apple's sales are becoming more predictable, something that will help Apple to better manage the distribution of its stock and improve supply. On the other hand, it seems clear according to this survey that perhaps the star device of the bitten apple has reached its ceiling and Apple does well to increase its presence in other products such as services , which are giving them such good results lately. 

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