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Saturday, 17 March 2018

How Siri became the worst assistant after Alexa or Google Assistant

Now is the time for digital assistants , for everything, and for everyone. Not only new attendees are appearing to control our phones, tablets or the IoT, but new solutions are also coming to manage our networks, with Aura from Telefónica and Djingo from Orange; or to control the bank's accounts, as the Spanish bank EVO did yesterday. The competition continues to increase and evolve and, nevertheless, Siri is still far behind .

The assistant who managed to get ahead of his rivals, offering an interface that, in his launching, was more intuitive than any of the alternatives offered by the rest, has been dragging a series of problems for years that do not stop taking its toll. And it all started at the moment when the company said goodbye to Steve Jobs. It was at that time when certain divisions of the company lost the leadership they needed to continue innovating, and one of those affected was Siri.

At first, Siri was launched as a system that would revolutionize the way we interact with our devices. The big problem was that Apple did not know how to wait at the right time , and instead of integrating it correctly, they did it with haste, resulting in a slow and difficult to improve assistant. And the loss of the company leader only made it worse, leaving Siri's continuous improvement approach, and taking a path of annual updates.

Little by little, they are getting back on track, but to do so they have had to acquire lots of companies, and even then they have not regained their leadership, as HomePod has made clear . For a moment, it crossed their minds to start from scratch, but that is no longer an option . To truly compete, they must make Siri independent from any other operating system. Siri must be treated as a new platform, just as with Assistant and Alexa, not as a mere function.

And you, what do you think could be the best solution to put Siri in the lead?

Source | Mashable 

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