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Friday, 9 March 2018

How to charge your AirPods remotely for real

After having seen the possibilities opened to us with the world of wireless charging in the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X , we wonder when the other devices would also have their own wireless charger. Apple already told us that we would have a next generation of AirPods that would be charged wirelessly, but the truth is that time passes here and nobody announces anything .

Before Apple decides to launch its new generation, Kickstarter have been moving forward , adapting the idea and looking for a very economical way to have our own "wireless charger". I'm talking about PowerPod .

PowerPod, another idea developed on Kickstarter

thanks to this curious silicone case that fits our AirPods casing, we can charge our headphones wirelessly by only leaving them in their charging Dock .

If this is interesting for you, you will be more interested to know that the price set in Kickstarter for the first early adopters is only 20 dollars , much less than - presumably - Apple will ask us for the same technology, although logically already implemented within the next generation of your wireless in-ear headphones.

If you are not very supportive of projects or simply would like to have a commercial version of the product, more refined and without failures, you will have to wait until the date on which the product is officially launched to the consumer.

In principle will be in the market there by July with a price that will be around 40 dollars (shipping not included), but it is very possible that by that time the new generation of Apple AirPods has already gone on the market , which, clearly, can ballast the success of this product .

Anyway, Apple has not given details of when it will launch its new version of the AirPods - as is usual in Cupertino - and it will not be until a few weeks before we can start making conjectures and assumptions about the new products of the Big Apple Bite that are coming.

Via | The Verge 

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