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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to clean your iPhone in 4 easy steps

One of the factors that influences the proper functioning of a device, whatever it may be, is the care we have with it . Have a case that makes you be protected from those hits and scratches that takes, thanks to practices like these not only that the manufacturer and sellers of covers make their August, but certainly the device look like new.

It is not convenient to forget the cleanliness issue, our iPhone is continually being handled, sometimes with hands that are not too clean . We eat and we are manipulating it, we sneeze and some rest may fall on the screen. In short, it must be cleaned like any everyday object .

How can we do it so that it does not suffer and look impeccable? Read our tips to make it shine more than the sun .

How to clean your iPhone in 4 easy steps

Turn it off and remove cables and case

Your device will thank you for letting it rest for a few minutes, so long press the power button to turn it off. If you had it connected to a cable, remove it . The cover should also be removed, and the protector, depends on how you are.

Microfiber cloth

This type of cloth does not have any type of lint or leave any remains. They are the best to get shine that body as beautiful and delicate as an iPhone. Give it a good pass, two if possible

Cleaning the screen

You can find specific products to clean the screen and the lens of the camera. Just spray a little on the microfiber cloth and rub the screen until there are no debris and it is dry. Do not clean the body with this product, for this make better use of the dry cloth.

Do not forget the Lightning connector

The area where you connect the charging cable is usually a clump of dirt, which although it can not be seen, can prevent a proper connection. For this he uses a wooden stick, never any metal . Urge carefully and you'll see that if you've never cleaned it and your iPhone has a time, the dirt that can come out of it.

Following these simple steps, your iPhone or iPad will be in perfect condition. If in the future you decide to sell it you can get more benefit if it is in good condition .

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