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Friday, 2 March 2018

How to configure your iPhone's VPN: How does it work?

Protecting our identity while navigating is a pending issue for many of us . Although we found some browsers with anonymizing function, the truth is that our iPhone has the ability to configure a VPN and hide our data to certain companies, making our navigation a much safer experience. Do you want to know how?

The fundamental reasons why people are interested in VPN are the following:

    Protection in public and free networks.
    Browse anonymously
    Access the content of some countries while traveling in places where the internet is restricted .
    Prevent companies like Google, Facebook or Apple from tracking your data.
    See the price or availability of certain services or offers in other countries.

Many other people also use the VPN for purposes such as blocking advertising that bothers them while they are surfing, for telecommuting, and can still connect despite not being physically in the office network.

Having a VPN has advantages when navigating:

Advantages of using VPN: 

  •     All applications work , since it routes all internet traffic. The proxy servers, on the other hand, can only be used in the web browser and some configurable applications in the advanced options.
  •     It is very easy to connect and disconnect , once it has been configured correctly.
  •     Greater security , as long as we are on an encrypted Wi-Fi connection.
  •     Changing our location has never been so easy. By means of the connection VPN we can avoid the censorship , being able for example to accede to Netflix from China. 

Use a VPN with iPhone

1) Download the VPN of your choice on your iOS device.
2) Configure and follow the steps indicated by the application itself.
3) Allows the VPN to be added to the iPhone configuration.
4) When an iOS pop-up window appears, click on 'Trust'.

Once we have done these steps, we will have to go to Settings, where we can see a widget with a switch with the name of VPN.

And it's that simple to set up a VPN in iOS.

Via | iDropNews 

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