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Monday, 19 March 2018

How to control your pulse on iPhone and Apple Watch without training

Last year, Apple focused its efforts on making the Apple Watch a better device not only to quantify our activity, but also to control our health. Using the hardware that the watches already have, with watchOS 4 a series of functions were implemented that allow a better and more complete monitoring of our heart rate. In this way, all users would have access to a greater knowledge about our own body, in order to feel healthier.

Among the novelties, options were integrated to monitor our pulse after training consistently, in order to provide us with information about our recovery. A characteristic has also been implemented that records this constant on a regular basis, distinguishing between periods of activity and rest periods. But this is not enough , and they have had to create a new app to achieve what users really want.

Thanks to HeartMonitor, an application that is available for free in the App Store, we can register our pulse continuously without the need to start a training. Of course, it will not be recording our heart rate all the time, since that would mean a high battery expenditure . But it will allow us to choose the moments in which we want to do the follow-up, with a session that we can create from the app.

Of course, all the information is recorded in our Health app at the end of the session, and is presented in a more detailed way than the regular monitoring done by the Apple Watch by default. However, it is still missing that Apple does not integrate some kind of function with which we can choose when we want to follow our pulse with precision. Hopefully for future updates it is not necessary to use third-party applications like this one.

And to you, what do you think about this lack of Apple's smart watch?

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