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Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to customize the data of your training with Apple Watch

Achieving our personal goals requires effort and concentration, great concentration, especially if we talk about sporting goals. When we do intense sports, any mistake could have an important consequence for our body, so it is better to have everything we need within reach. However, as regards the statistics of our training , it is not always possible.

Depending on the equipment we use to analyze the data of each session, we will have to access them in one way or another. But, luckily for us, there are some exceptions that are somewhat more organized , such as Apple Watch. With Apple's smart watch, we can choose the way information is presented to us from the moment we rotate the wrist, in real time. Something that, together with other functionalities of which we have spoken, can be quite useful.

From the Watch app itself, which we can access with complete freedom after linking our first Apple Watch to the phone, we can access the configuration of the metric screen. For this, we just have to go to the Training section, and select When training see. In this menu, we can select if we only want to display a measurement on the screen , and if we want to vary the data shown according to the sport we do, including aquatic disciplines such as swimming .

By adjusting these clock settings, we can completely customize this aspect and receive, quickly and efficiently, all the information we need at any time. Of course, many athletes could provide life enough the existence of this feature. We hope you will take advantage of it in each training session, which will surely help you to complete the rings of activity much more quickly.

And you, have you already customized the metric screen of your Apple Watch?

Via | MacRumors 

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