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Monday, 12 March 2018

How to find a lost iPhone when it is silent

Yes, you are not the only ones who have lost their iPhone just on those occasions when the silent mode was activated . The truth is, it happens more times than we could imagine, after all, we are not always attentive to our phone, and there are also few occasions in which we are forced to activate silence to avoid disturbing the rest , or simply to ourselves. However, all is not lost.

It is possible that you think that you are going to need some kind of meditation technique to gain access to the most recondite places of your memory, however, today, with a bit of luck, you can save yourself from going through that. Here we have a couple of tricks with which you can locate your phone quickly and easily , always by using the sounds, for this reason, one of the requirements will be that your phone has a battery and is connected to the internet.

The first of the tricks is to use the tools of Find my iPhone from another Apple device, or from a PC or Mac. As soon as you enter, you can check the current status of your device, or at least the last one sent by the same. To make your iPhone start to sound, you just have to select the Play Sound option, and it will start playing as soon as you receive the order, regardless of whether it is muted.

On the other hand, there is another way to find the phone, although it is intended only for Apple Watch users . As many of you will know, from the control center of the clock it is possible to access a few very interesting utilities. However, the one that most interests us now is the one that is represented with an icon of an iPhone ringing because, as the icon itself indicates, it will activate an alert on your mobile phone while the watch is connected.

And you, have you already found your phone? 

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