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Sunday, 4 March 2018

How to organize the Control Center in iOS 11 in the best possible way

The change that occurred in the control center in iOS 11 has made many people wonder, missing the old controls they had when sliding their finger up. Actually, not all the past was better, since they have appeared really interesting functions and possible customizations that will make your control center something unique and adapted to your needs.

As I commented a little above, I was also one of those who complained about the changes they had made in iOS 11, but over time I have not only become accustomed, but I have been grateful for that change .
iOS 11: Customize your control center

Thanks to the ease of customization offered by iOS 11 in our control center, we can now change the different buttons and sort them according to our convenience, so that it is easier for us to access them. Do you use a particular application a lot? Having it at the bottom will make it much more natural to touch its icon , without having to make strange gestures to activate it.

If we want to see what we find among the options to customize the Control Center, we will have to go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls .

There are many additional buttons , as well as links of applications that we can use in the Control Center. We find the following:

  •     Lantern.
  •     Alarm.
  •     Timer
  •     Calculator.
  •     Camera.
  •     Guided access
  •     Alarm.
  •     Apple TV Remote.
  •     Chronometer.
  •     Fast functions
  •     Screen recording.
  •     Magnifying glass.
  •     "Do not disturb driving" mode.
  •     Low consumption mode.
  •     Notes.
  •     Voice notes
  •     Size of the text
  •     Wallet 

As we see, we have a lot of options available for our device to make life even easier for us .
A click away: Optimizing the control center

Beyond making the customization so that the buttons appear in the Control Center, we can also see how there is a small icon of a triple bar characteristic of Apple, which means that it can be moved. Thus, using 3D touch we can move up or down the icons of the list according to our interests , thus being able to modify the distribution of the control center.

For example, in my case I often use the flashlight, so I put it at the end of the list so that it is just what I would hand out the most . Since these little widgets come in blocks of 4, it is very interesting that the tools we use most often go down, where they are nearer to our thumbs.

This leaves us a door open a world of configurations, where we only have to find the most suitable for our needs .

Beyond these options, we must bear in mind that in iOS 11 this adds to the 3D Touch , improving our experience through hidden options that are literally a touch away: from regulating the intensity of the flashlight to the timer, passing through different options of the camera. If you want to know more about everything your iPhone can do for you, do not wait any longer and modify it. Make it really yours!

Via | TechRepublic 

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