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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How to prevent iPhone apps from obtaining your Facebook data

At the beginning of this week a scandal has risen that has endangered the actions of Facebook in the stock market. A British company, Cambridge Analytica , used the profiles of 50 million users of the social network in the United States to encourage Donald Trump to win the 2016 presidential elections in that country.

Cambridge Analytica is a strategic communications and information analysis firm with links to the Republican Party, led by the New York mogul. And it is that much of the control that Facebook exercises over us is given by the use we make of the social network , which maps our profile based on our interests, that is, what we like or what we like. we click

That's why, as they tell us from Urban Tecno, many people are considering the mass exit of the Zuckerberg network , in fact they have developed a complete tutorial on how to do it correctly .

Although this may not be your case and you want to continue being part of Facebook for the reason you consider appropriate, it is always interesting to review what applications you have access to at the time. This happens because when entering a web page, it is offered to do it with your profile in that network, since it is easier than having to fill in a form . And of course, that list of applications stays there and you may have accumulated enough . We simply explain how to stop giving access to these applications.

How to deny access to Facebook apps

    First you must enter your computer on your Facebook profile. Just to the right of the whole you will find an arrow that marks downward direction , click on it.

 A drop-down will open in which, on the left, a series of items appear. You will see that the one that interests us appears, "Applications" .

 Finally, a drop-down will appear with all the apps you have granted permission to. If you do not want to delete any, be sure that in the access options "Only me" appears. Better yet, the one you do not want to keep using, click on the x and delete it completely .

This will prevent the network from having access to your interests from that particular application. What do you think about the control that Facebook exerts on us? We await your response in comments.

Via | iphonehacks 

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