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Saturday, 17 March 2018

How to rotate the video on iPhone

When it comes to capturing our memories, the iPhone is one of the best solutions on the market . It does not matter if it is a photograph, or if we choose to record a video, the important thing is that we can enjoy those images as soon as we finish the recording, and with the best quality. At least, that is what would happen if the interface were more intuitive at the time of indicating the orientation with which we are about to record.

And it is that, as much as it costs us to recognize it, we are not a few that have accidentally recorded several scenes in reverse. But the worst of it was not realizing that they have a wrong orientation, but knowing that we have annoyed a momentazo that could never happen again. But do not worry, because today we bring you a solution for these situations, and over time you will thank us that we have shared it with you, because it will save you from many difficulties.

Thanks to Rotate Video we can, as its explicit name indicates, change the orientation of any video that we have recorded with the iPhone in a fast and really easy way. The app itself is integrated as if it were an extension of the sharing menu, so that when it is installed, we will only have to go to this menu with the selected video. Once in the menu, you will have to activate the extension of the upper zone in the More section.

As soon as you have done it, you can send the videos to the application, and apply the changes you want. Once you have rotated the video, you can export it back to the gallery without major problems, and do not worry about losing them, because you will keep the original. In any case, it is time for Apple to put the batteries and work on a native solution for this problem that many of its users suffer.

And you, would you have liked to have an app like that before?
Rotar Vídeo - Video Rotate And Flip
Rotar Vídeo - Video Rotate And Flip
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