How to see (and delete) the personal data that Apple saves from you in iOS 11.3 -


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Friday, 30 March 2018

How to see (and delete) the personal data that Apple saves from you in iOS 11.3

Nowadays, our privacy and our personal data are in danger . There are many companies that store private data of their users, even the Face ID function could be violating our privacy .

Luckily, there are some iOS configuration settings that allow users to avoid this storage of personal data on Apple servers . In this article we will tell you how to view and delete the personal data that Apple saves with iOS 11.3.

Very soon, Apple will allow you to download all the information that has been stored on you. And the company is quite transparent in this regard. In fact, he has fought several times to protect the privacy and privacy of its users. Something, undoubtedly, very important for any company in the mobile phone industry.

How to view and delete your stored personal data

Apple saves private data of its users, yes, but fortunately it does not create personal profiles. That is, it is completely anonymous information . And now the page to manage your Apple ID will let you know absolutely all the information that the company has collected about you.

Recently the company has published iOS 11.3 , and there is a description that details very accurately the attitude of Apple on this subject:

    "Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental human right, so every Apple product is designed to minimize the collection and use of your data."

For his part, Tim Cook has also spoken on several occasions about the privacy of users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

    "We could earn a lot of money if we monetize our consumers ... if our consumers were our products. But we have chosen not to do it. "

Apple will update its website to manage Apple ID data for each user in the coming months. So you can download a copy of all the data they have stored about you. In addition, you can also correct personal information, temporarily disable your account and even eliminate it completely.

Source | Cult of Mac 

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