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Friday, 9 March 2018

How to unleash chaos: selling iPhone for only $ 50

It still seems that it was yesterday when we saw how big queues were created in the main Apple Stores of the world to receive the new members of the iPhone family, especially for the launch of the iPhone X, the great revolution of the line. However, at the same time we stopped to think if all that was really worth it, waiting for a store to open to get a phone for more than 1100 euros. Personally, I think that with the next offer, it makes much more sense .

At the end of the day, who would not like to get an iPhone with a succulent promotion, specifically, for a price of $ 50. The only problems with the discount were that it only applied to ten units, and that all of them are for exhibition, with what that implies. All this was part of an exclusive offer made by a retail store in Malaysia, which has authorization to distribute Apple products officially, and has now achieved worldwide fame.

The Switch store, which is the name of this establishment, informed its customers of this promotion without realizing, even for a single moment, of the turmoil that could be created. On the day of the liquidation, more than 11,000 people approached the establishment and formed giant queues to obtain one of the devices. Although the store tried to resolve the situation, they ended up postponing the sale indefinitely.

Not even by means of a classic system of this type of promotions, as it is to distribute a series of tickets among the clients so that they could take control of a unit, it managed to dissolve this agglomeration. Now, the company will have to rethink its strategy , if they do not want to repeat this type of incidents that, in many cases, end in tragedy. We hope that the next one learn from your mistakes, although we would love to have offers like that around here.

And you, have you faced the queues for an iPhone 5S?

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