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Saturday, 24 March 2018

I hate notifications from my iPhone: how to organize them so as not to drive you crazy

iOS is more stable, more secure - affirmed in the words of Google itself -, has a better design and is more updated than Android. This is beyond doubt. But there is something that Android kicks in the ass - sorry - to iOS: notifications.

Balloons in the icons, sounds, visualizations for each message of WhatsApp ... you stop looking at your iPhone and in a matter of minutes it has collapsed to notifications of social networks, games, emails, apps, etc. Who can concentrate with this? That is precisely the secret of mobile addiction, that we can not detach ourselves from it.

No wonder the blessed Do Not Disturb mode has won our hearts, but ... what if that important message comes to me? No, disabling notifications is not an option for a work and social tool as important as the iPhone . While iOS gets to work and once and for all gives a twist to the management of notifications, we will explain how to deal with them without despair.

I have to confess that if there is something that I hate especially are the p * red bubbles in the icons . They go out for everything! I like Facebook, the weather forecast today, a Twitter RT, the first daily greeting of the WhatsApp group, a reminder that today I have not entered Top Eleven ... and of course, three emails to the email.

Discover what is important to you

Let's get down to work: think for a moment what would happen if you deactivated all the notifications. What would you miss? What would you look at first of all? Deactivating everything would force us to be more proactive than reactive.

We have to be clear about what is important to us : a message from a family member, friend, or work. An alarm in the calendar. Why not say it, the Comunio and the new players that have come to the market also matter to me. Even the WhatsApp group in which we talk about holidays.

Yes, I know that sooner or later I would realize, but almost prefer to know as soon as possible. Everything else gives me the same, I mean, I'll see later. Or never. Because let's face it: nobody reads 24389479 messages when it's been all morning without attending WhatsApp .

The key is to divide all the notifications into three levels of urgency : the ones we want to know as soon as they arrive on our iPhone, the ones we want to know eventually and finally the ones that interest us at all. It is no surprise that when installing an app we grant all the permissions and then it turns out that we do not really need those notifications at all.

Configuring notifications

Well it's time to configure our notifications individually: go to Settings > Notifications and lose valuable time - it will be worth it - looking at each and every one of the apps. In each app you have to configure three blocks: allow notifications - or not -, the appearance of balloons in icons and sounds and finally the form of warnings.
High level of urgency: messaging, telephone, email

In my case, it is clear: it is the telephone, the work email - they can be configured separately -, iMessage, Telegram, which I use for my profession. Finally I will grant this category also to WhatsApp in case the flies. In summary: work and very personal .

For all of them I allow notifications, I activate different sounds for each one, I activate the balloons and I leave all the notifications activated to be able to know at a glance what they write to me in the messaging apps.

If I get overwhelmed, I'll remove the balloons .
Average level: social networks

I'm addicted to Twitter, but I'm more or less the same with other networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. I enter all of them daily and if they write to me, I like to respond relatively soon. So I allow notifications but only one thing active: the balloons in the icons . I will do the same with some games in which I participate daily.
Low level

Everything else: Time apps, productivity, YouTube, shopping apps, App Store, Spotify ... all these apps are left with notifications turned off. When I enter, I will discover the news . After all, I can live without them.

How should notifications be on iOS?

Of course, we would all like Apple to allow, for example, all WhatsApp notifications to arrive at once , preventing our screen from filling up with messages, but at the same time we would not be able to read them as a ninja.

Likewise, it would be ideal to be able to distinguish that we get a message from someone we want from a message from a co-worker for a routine question. That would be wonderful if it were implemented in all our apps. But it will not happen many times, simply and simply because email spam has its mission: to get your attention even if you do not want to read it. Or because an app wants to sell you something.

What could he do? The Artificial Intelligence , that without going any further and it works like a charm in the mail manager Astro Mail . With the AI, your iPhone will quickly learn your routine and what really interests you, distinguishing our personal nuances. Of course, the manufacturer or developer that manages to implement it, yes that will take the cat to the water. It's called Apple, Gooogle or Samsung. 

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