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Saturday, 31 March 2018

If you could choose, would you prefer to work on Facebook or Apple?

Did you know that Apple is the sixth most desired company by people looking for work? LinkedIn has shared its annual list of companies most valued by its users and the Cupertino firm is in the highest positions.

But in the list there are more companies related to technology, we find Alphabet, Amazon, Tesla, Netflix ... Do you want to know which company is the most desired when looking for a job? Do you want to know what position Facebook occupies? We tell you absolutely everything about this curious LinkedIn list.

## Top 10 best rated companies

LinkedIn publishes its list of most wanted companies in the search for employment (within the territory of the United States of America) based on four different factors: scope, commitment, interest and permanence.

The scope shows the recognition that each of the companies has, the commitment details how high is the level of commitment of each employee, the interest defines the search of the users and the permanence is the category used by LinkedIn to know if a company can manage to make your employees stay.

1. Amazon (566,000 employees)

2. Alphabet (80,110 employees)

3. Facebook (25,000 employees)

4. Salesforce (30,000 employees)

5. Tesla (37,000 employees)

6. Apple (123,000 employees)

7. Comcast NBC Universal (164,000 employees)

8. The Walt Disney Company (199,000 employees)

9. Oracle (138,000 employees)

10. Netflix (5,500 employees)

Apple has risen a few positions since the ranking last year, where it was ranked number seven. Among the main reasons why people prefer to work for Apple , LinkedIn highlighted a 25% discount in the acquisition of the company's devices.

On the other hand, another reason why Apple is on this list is because of its maternity policy , which includes up to 18 weeks for mothers and 6 weeks for parents. The signature of the bitten apple is also a company highly valued for its attention to the health of its workers.

And you…? In which company would you prefer to work? Netflix, Facebook, Apple ...? Share your opinion in the comments section and on social networks.

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