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Saturday, 24 March 2018

If you die, the police will use your finger to unlock your iPhone

After the huge controversy that we lived with the iPhone of the aggressor of the famous San Bernardino shooting , it seems that we are approaching a new controversy after several police agencies have confirmed that they use the fingers of the corpses to unlock, using Touch ID, their iPhone Of course, at the moment, we were talking about police agencies in the United States.

SeegĂșn Forbes account, and there are several law enforcement agencies that have used the finger of corpses to access, using Touch ID, the iPhone of the victims. With this they have managed to notify close relatives of the death of the person, but also find their attackers, or at least some clue to do so.

    "We do not need a search warrant to enter the victim's phone"

This phrase is signed by Robert Cutshal, Ohio homicide detective , who also explains that the bodies of those who died no longer have privacy rights. This is precisely why you do not need a registration order to enter the phone, so they simply use the corpse's finger to unlock the iPhone.

One way to get more privacy on our iPhone, even after death, may be to use access codes, deactivating the Touch ID . Although yes, if you have not committed any crime, or are the victim of a crime, the police would not need to check your iPhone or mobile device.
Will the face of a corpse serve to unlock an iPhone X?

One of the big questions that arise in this regard, is whether the different police agencies will also dare with the Face ID of the iPhone X , for which it is necessary that the eyes of the person look at the iPhone .

So far it is not known that this method has been used to unlock an iPhone X , as has been done with the iPhone with Touch ID, but surely we will soon know how the police have managed to unlock an iPhone X using the eyes , still open, of a victim of for example a murder.

Do you think it's ethical for the police in specific cases to unlock a victim's iPhone using their finger? Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks in which we are present.

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