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Friday, 9 March 2018

If you have an iPhone, you will buy a smart speaker (from Amazon)

The revolution of digital assistants and their respective smart loudspeakers continues. It is no longer just a battle between the giants of technology, such as Apple, Google and Amazon, but also other companies from different markets such as Telefonica and Orange are joining . From now on, the real war for the throne of the digital home has begun, and everyone will want to have their own street in which to hold this race in the background.

Since Amazon launched the first version of Echo three years ago, and Alexa with it, all have presented their own bets, especially focused on their facets of control for IoT home devices . Or, as in the case of Apple's HomePod , focused on improving the experience when playing music. However, this is just the beginning, and there are still many users who are not clear whether to buy a gadget of this type, or what brand to buy.

However, to get closer to the reality of the market a little more, we have the data offered by voicebot.ai, which allow us to get an idea of ​​the current situation. Specifically, according to the results of this survey, it indicates that, in the case of Apple users, it is 20% more likely that the purchase of a smart speaker is made. On the other hand, this same group of users would be more inclined to acquire a speaker from Amazon or Apple, and not from Google.

On the other hand, the situation of Amazon and Apple within this market has been defined, and it is possible to see a tendency to consider the HomePod as a luxury item , while the Amazon Echo range would be considered more as an assistant than as a player. of music. Of course, with this we know that Apple has achieved the goal of preventing HomePod from being relegated to the category of assistant, what we are not clear about, is if it will finally work as expected after its problems .

And you, will you buy a smart speaker soon?

Via | MacRumors 

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