Thursday, 15 March 2018

If you have an iPhone, you will have a problem with the 5G

Perhaps the title of this article is not the best way to start this article, but the truth is that, although we have already talked about some of the advantages that 5G will bring to our lives, we have not talked about what we will have to give to change. As in all improvements, there is always an aspect that is damaged , and the case of 5G is not an exception, at least, if it were treated as a simple LTE update.

This new generation of mobile telecommunications technology has an important novelty with respect to its predecessors, its minimum latency , which makes it perfect for systems such as autonomous cars, or industrial automation. But this low latency, which joins an absurdly high speed, is possible thanks to increasingly high frequencies, which imply a smaller range than we have.

By the time this technology is available, what this could mean is that coverage problems multiply, especially in places that are not priority for large operators. But of course, this problem will have both the users of the next iPhone, as those of any other device. What really worries us is that this problem triggers others, such as a high power consumption , since if there is less coverage, the mobile will have to change the network continuously.

And if some users still have problems when it comes to getting the full day with their iPhone, it's easy to imagine what effect this leap will have for them. Of course, I would not like to be on their skin the moment they have to start dealing with this. However, it seems a fairly low price to pay for a world in which the delay in communications will be almost non-existent, right?

And you, do you consider that this will be a real problem?

Via | Mac Observer 

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