Saturday, 10 March 2018

If you're a millennial, Apple shakes your heart more than Disney

No one is surprised and everyone is aware that Apple is a prestigious brand, wherever the logo of the apple is bitten there is interest. And this is something that tends to happen more frequently in an audience sector of a certain age. We are talking about the generation Y , or those known as millennials, young people born in the 80s.

And a study by MBLM , an agency that has the objective of studying trademarks, has determined that the Apple brand is the one that has the best intimacy relationship with a person . Come on, when you see the logo of the apple the heart turns over!

And is that the Cupertino company has managed to overtake a so mythical and emotional for young people as Disney , which occupied the first place in 2017, and at that time were followed by companies like Amazon and Netflix . The list of the 10 most emotional brands for generation Y in the United States is as follows:

  • 1.Apple
  • 2.Disney
  • 3.YouTube
  • 4.Target
  • 5.Amazon
  • 6.Nintendo
  • 7.Google
  • 8.Xbox
  • 9.Netflix
  • 10.Whole Foods

Surprise to see how this list there are many companies dedicated to communication , which suggests that our society in general needs to be in permanent connection in one way or another. We recently learned of a study by which Apple is the company that currently generates the most profits , having earned more money in the last quarter of 2017 than in its entire history. Perhaps these figures are favored by the relationship that normally establishes the brand itself with its users , which makes it identify quickly with the values ​​or lifestyle it proposes.

And it is that Apple does not leave indifferent, it is always in the mouth of consumers and critics, And any movement that does is studying millimetrically by all , even by the millennials, who have been the ones who have boosted the brand to this first position.

Does the California company establish a link with you? 

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