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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Imagine a Samsung Galaxy S9 with notch and it's ... much better!

Recently, we talked about the possibility that Apple finally remove the "notch" of the design of the iPhone X in their future smartphones of 2019. The Cupertino firm would be developing new ways to implement 3D sensors and camera modules without having to integrate them into the controversial upper front frame.

Now, there are many Chinese manufacturing companies that have literally plagiarized the "notch" style of Apple's iPhone X. And in this concept that we will share below you can see what one of the most spectacular and most advanced Android smartphones on the market would look like ... the Samsung Galaxy S9 .

Martin Hajek, a graphic designer popularly known for his famous concepts of technology devices, has created some images of a Samsung Galaxy S9 with "notch" and ... honestly, it's a real pass.

Personally, and without being a precedent, the design of the iPhone X with its upper front frame seems very unattractive to me visually. However, and for some strange reason, seeing this concept of the Galaxy S9 I was instantly captivated by its design.

This would be a Samsung Galaxy S9 with the controversial "notch" of the iPhone X

In the images of this curious concept we see what the designer conceives as a new "Samsung Galaxy S9N" with an upper front frame practically identical to the iPhone X.

Comparing this concept of Galaxy S9 with Apple's iPhone X, we can appreciate how the "notch" of the Samsung terminal is slightly thinner and wider. On the other hand, the difference in size of the side bezels of both smartphones is also very noticeable.

Finally, it is worth noting that Martin Hajek has recently designed some concepts of technology devices worthy of mention ; like this spectacular iPad X , without start button and this iPhone X Plus with a 6.7 inch screen.

If you've ever wondered what would happen if Samsung copied the controversial "notch" of the iPhone X, here's the answer. Do you the design? Do you like the style it brings to the terminal? Do you prefer the iPhone X? We wait for you in the comments!

Images | Martin Hajek 

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