Instagram copies the Portrait mode of the iPhone X in its new update -


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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Instagram copies the Portrait mode of the iPhone X in its new update

Lately Instagram does not stop presenting new versions of your application through updates in the App Store.  Although in the description of the same their developers only indicate the addition of the possibility of following hashtags, there is much more behind these new updates ...

 At the end of January, for example, we saw how the implementation of video calls on Instagram was leaked in the near future.  Now, it has been discovered that the application could soon offer a similar function to the Apple Portrait mode .

 For anyone unfamiliar with the subject, Portrait mode uses the dual camera of the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X to generate a depth of field effect .  In this way, it is possible to focus the lens on a subject and blur the background offering impressive results with the bokeh effect.

The new "Portrait mode" of Instagram 

 From TechCrunch have discovered evidence of the arrival of a possible mode Portrait to the official Instagram application.  Apparently, one of the application files for Android has a curious icon that would appear in Instagram Stories and would allow users to switch between different modes of photography. 

 The icon has the name of "portrait_shutter_icon.png" implying that it would offer a similar solution to the Apple Portrait mode .  However, it is unknown if this feature will be available exclusively for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X or for all iPhone models. 

However, and before finalizing, it is worth mentioning that this new functionality of the Instagram application could be in the testing phase .  Therefore, it is unknown if finally come to see the light in iOS and Android. 

 Currently, users can use their iPhone to capture images in Portrait mode and share them via Instagram .  But with the possible implementation of this function in the application, it will be much easier, faster and easier to do so. 

 Via |  9to5mac 

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