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Sunday, 18 March 2018

iPad vs. Fire HD vs. Kindle vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab, What tablet do I buy?

Within the dozens of brands and the hundreds of models that we can find in the market, there are some that naturally differ in finish and design, quality of materials and specifications , thus posing among the most advanced in the market.

To solve the doubts that may arise between the three majority options when choosing a tablet, today we bring you a comparison assessing pros and cons of each. Keep reading and choose yours!

The first question we must ask ourselves is what the tablet wants : it is not the same to look for something simple and effective than a tablet with a completely customizable environment in which we can do tests of all kinds. Also, it is also interesting to know if we are dealing with a first person in the world of tablets or if you already have experience and therefore are more likely to know exactly what you want.


Undoubtedly and without a doubt, the most famous tablet of all. If you had an iPhone and you liked the system, then the iPad will delight you. With a modified version of iOS adapted to a larger format, the tablet of the apple is an ideal piece in the Apple environment .

On the other hand, we must warn that we will not be able to increase the capacity of our tablet : we will buy it with 32 or with 256 GB of memory, this way it will stay.

If you are one of those who do not leave the ecosystem created by Apple you will love knowing that the iPad has a perfect synchronization with these devices. You can configure the tablet to share your photos, images, contacts, applications ... Everything you can think of . We must recognize that in this issue, Apple has no competitor.

There are for all tastes: we find different sizes and potencies , within the family variants that are currently on sale: on the one hand we have the iPad Mini 4 , with 7'9 inches of screen, the iPad of 9 , 7 inches and the Pro family, with their iPad of 10.5 and 12.9 inches.

Maybe wait a while is a good idea, since there are rumors that indicate the next departure of new models of iPad , with more affordable prices and renewed power.
iPad Pro and Apple Pencil: Winning Combo

If your strong point is the creation of content and you have seen in the iPad Pro a possible ally you are in luck: you are right.

The iPad Pro has been conceived as an indispensable for all those who enjoy the artistic world , and thanks to Apple Pencil and some of its applications designed specifically for him , you can edit images as if you were in front of a MacBook with Photoshop, draw as if you had in hand the best graphic tablet in the market or create virtual reality applications are some of the many features.

All this, yes, has a cost, and that is that the iPad Pro significantly increases the price compared to his brothers, even more so if we want the Apple pen: depending on the configuration, the set can shoot up to over one thousand euros.

Kindle Fire HD 

Amazon has not wanted to be less and has released its version of tablets. Although they also bear the name of Kindle, we should not confuse them, as this one has a color screen and works like a tablet to use .

What are they doing? Well, everything we could expect from a tablet: they have Amazon Alexa as a voice assistant, they can be used to draw, to watch Amazon Prime Video, play ... It fulfills the functions that we can expect from a tablet of the Kindle family.

They are available in various sizes , according to the name of the tablet: Fire HD 7 , Fire HD 8 , Fire HD 10 ... But there is something that other tablets do not have and that makes it very interesting: a specific version for children.

These tablets come with Android Nougat series, allowing a much greater customization than with a tablet like the iPad. Of course, to customize it by messing with ROM it is important that we familiarize ourselves with the concepts, since we could end up leaving it unusable .
Amazon Kindle HD Kids Edition, your child's best friend

In the market we find many tablets designed for children, but we must recognize that this, coming from a brand like Amazon, gives a plus of confidence . It is available in two sizes (8 and 10 inches) and comes with pre-installed content suitable for all audiences. Personally I would not give an iPad to a child ( Steve Jobs did not want either ), so this is a good alternative.

The most interesting of these tablets is that they come with a specific case to protect the device, and most importantly: if it breaks during the warranty period because your child has been more than the tablet, Amazon changes it for free .

On the other hand, although we have more customization options and the price is much more restrained, the cameras of the tablet do not even reach the sole of the shoe to the iPad. Also, we can not access the huge store that is the App Store . Question of priorities and the use that we are going to give them .


duous reader who does not want to lose the sensation of being reading a paper book even when he is in front of a tablet that has 3G and a touch screen , and does not consider reading on the iPad to be a good one. option.
Kindle allows you to take your library anywhere

Within the Kindle family we find different models: Kindle Paperwhite is the best selling model, and is able to offer us a quasi-infinite battery for just over 100 euros. Also, the Kindle Classic is the best seller that for less than 100 euros offers us everything we can expect in an electronic book.

If we want versions with premium materials and capacities that go beyond reading we find Kindle Voyage, where the materials stop being plastic and become magnesium, it has a more stylized and elegant design and uses a haptic button like the one we could see by first time on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

If to finish all this does not convince us and we want to read our favorite novels while we take a bath we found the Kindle Oasis , which although the price is more expensive is water resistant and has physical buttons to change pages.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 

The Galaxy Tab S3 is the direct competitor of the iPad. Its 9.7-inch screen and its button with fingerprint sensor keeps it a curious resemblance to the iPad, especially if we remember that along with this tablet comes the S Pen , the Korean version of Apple Pencil that in fact serves for the same.
The direct competition of the iPad

The Galaxy is to the Samsung environment what the iPad to Apple: the terminals of the Galaxy family are fabulously understood with this tablet, and it is practically a laptop if we add the physical keyboard . The price is also really high, but it is normal if we consider that we are facing the best tablet we can find on Android.

Equipped with a 13 megapixel camera and up to 12 hours of battery life , this tablet aims to become the substitute for more than one laptop for office tasks.

On the other hand, it is true that we are again facing an application store that could be very improvable , especially taking into account the potential of the machine. If you have doubts about which one is better, here is a comparison between the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the Samsung tablet

As we see each one has its pros and cons, standing out among its segments. With which you stay?

Via | Mashable 

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