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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

IPhone puts the horns to Siri with Cortana

The users of Apple devices have as a faithful assistant Siri , who has been with us since 2011 and who, if anything, is a very important help for certain tasks, such as searching for a restaurant or asking them to write a message for you.

And is that we just know the Microsoft assistant, Cortana, can be accommodated in the Apple operating system. With this integration, a person could ask you to read out emails from the Outlook application , or respond to a message.

"The Cortana integration will allow users of popular mobile email client to listen and respond to email messages with their voice. This will be especially useful during car trips, and Microsoft is testing the Cortana integration directly within mobile Outlook that will work through Bluetooth and read messages aloud. Users can ask for Cortana phrases such as "What is my email?", Or simply to read messages from specific contacts. "

It seems that Cortana's integration into the app Outlook is currently under development, if Microsoft saw that it could be viable its final integration would be given green way for a final release, so far is in phase internal tests.

And despite the fact that Apple's assistant, Siri is emerging as a necessary support in our daily tasks , Microsoft and Google also strive to develop their own assistants and that it is at least as functional as Apple's.

And we know that we can not have these assistants on our iOS devices, but we can make them work within the applications developed by these two giants of technology.

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