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Thursday, 8 March 2018

iPhone SE 2: possible specifications, price, release date

If there is a phone that has turned out to be a real bombshell this has been the iPhone SE. Launched in March 2016, it managed to bring together an audience that longed for 4 inches in size . Its appearance is very reminiscent of an iPhone 5s, but its interior hides more than the 2013 model. It is an authentic pump that manages to unite design, size and power.

And Apple is already preparing an iPhone SE 2 , we do not know if it will carry that name or another one. What is clear is that we will probably have a review of this device soon . And is that the small of the saga is a device that causes a sensation and was very well received by all sectors. If you want to know more about what may be to come, do not miss reading this article.

What name would you receive?

The device that is to come can present some interesting novelty, although we will talk about this later, and as for its nomenclature, it talks about iPhone SE 2 as a more plausible name or it could also be called iPhone 9 SE or iPhone X SE. Place your bets!
When would it be?

The previous model was presented in March 2016, and there are many rumors that this year could repeat the story, which would also be used to present the AirPower wireless charger and a new economically priced iPad. So we must be attentive to the calendar movements that arise.
The design and color

Perhaps it is one of the strong points of the device, although presenting a phone that aesthetically does not know how it could be received by the public. The possibility that the new iPhone SE has an edge-to-edge screen as a prominent element is gaining strength, although this would make the final amount more expensive, since it will be like having an iPhone X in miniature.

On the other hand there is the possibility that the design remains unchanged , but inside we find substantial improvements. Although of course, for the starting price we should not expect an improvement like Face ID.

As for the cosmetic range, gold, pink gold, space gray and silver are currently available. It is completely unknown if there will be any color variation, or if a device would be launched to support the fight against AIDS , which had its version with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus RED, which finally disappeared last year.

Possible specifications

This is to do divination, but it may be possible that the current chip, the A9, is replaced by the A10 that mounted the iPhone 7 and the RAM would continue to be 2 GB, with 32 GB and 128 GB of internal memory. The cameras would be 12 mpx and 5 mpx, there would be substantial improvement in the front (the selfies send). The battery, would it be able to give 1700 mAh and gain autonomy?

Another question that has been discussed is the possibility of including wireless charging , something that has been possible this past year and that is a significant improvement. If the event in which this iPhone is presented is used by Apple to present its AirPower, it would be perfect.
Output price?

At the time of its launch, Apple put a price of 489 euros for the European market for this device, although now and after the departure of the series 7, 8 and iPhone X, you can buy it for 419 euros on its official website . The rumor mill speaks of a small increase over the current price, perhaps we could walk over 459 euros.

And for now this is what we have. We may be a few days away from having these doubts clear and revealing the unknowns that now occupy us. What there is no doubt is that the iPhone SE has managed to win over a large public sector , and is the ideal gateway for those consumers who want to enjoy the benefits of a good Apple device at a fairly convincing price, since that it is not an iPhone los-cost, much less.

iPhone SE

Price 419 euros
Storage 32 GB and 128 GB
Cameras 12 mpx and 1.2 mpx
ID Touch ID
Chip A9
Weight 113 grams

What do you expect from the second generation iPhone SE? Are you missing something? We expect all this and more in our comments section. 

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