Is it true that you can not use AirPods on an airplane? -


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Monday, 19 March 2018

Is it true that you can not use AirPods on an airplane?

Airplanes and electronic devices, that complicated combination. At least, that is what they have been making us believe from the airlines during the last years, although it is true that they have been relaxing the prohibitions little by little. Especially since they began to be "forced" by the indications of some of the most important authorities in the sector, such as the FAA , who assured and assured that there was no danger.

Right now, the normal thing is that, during the minutes corresponding to the takeoff and landing of the device, it is requested that all mobile devices are turned off. But other than that, all passengers are authorized to use their devices while they are in Airplane Mode. What happens is that, as they say in Soy de Mac , certain companies are playing bad when it comes to using wireless headphones like AirPods on certain flights, something that is completely meaningless.

AirPods, when it comes to wireless connectivity, are not an innovation, not even its second version . In fact, we have been using similar devices for years. Apple headphones use Bluetooth , a technology that is not blocked by the Mode Airplane of our phones, and that, according to the same institutions that urged to lift the bans on the use of mobile phones, is not a danger to the proper functioning of the systems.

While it is true that the way in which AirPods are presented to the public is as if it were something completely never seen, the truth is that there is no reason not to use them during flights. In fact, many of the airlines will not give you any trouble in doing so, although as always, there are also exceptions. Hopefully they do not take too long to realize that it is a device that uses a technology whose security has already been confirmed.

And you, have you been forced to take off AirPods during a flight? 

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