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Sunday, 25 March 2018

It's that easy to hijack a WhatsApp account

WhatsApp is the most downloaded app on the planet, have an iPhone or an Android phone. And that, you want that it is not noticed: the hackers and fraudsters look for any excuse to try to col├írnosla us , with malware in general, but with special interest in the phishing and the hoaxes. However, a few days ago we discovered how you could hack the iPhone through WhatsApp , to give you an idea of ​​the risk that lies behind. But now what is "fashionable" are the kidnappings of WhatsApp accounts.

Yes, you read correctly: they hijack your WhatsApp profile and as in any other kidnapping, they ask you for money . As reported in the newspaper Noticias de Navarra, in just a few weeks a score of Navarre have suffered and this number continues to grow. How do they do that? Do we have something to fear? How can we protect ourselves?

Kidnapping of WhatsApp, a very dangerous risk

The hijacking of WhatsApp is a very simple and efficient social engineering ruse . They simply install the app on any mobile phone and enter a random phone number, that of the victim.

As you well know, it is only possible to have a WhatsApp profile by phone number - unless you follow this trick to have two WhatsApp on a mobile phone -, so as soon as they enter your number, the application asks for the verification code , which usually arrives in the form of an SMS message to that number.

How do they achieve your verification code? Under any pretext they write to you, but they do not do it from an unknown number, but they will contact you through a number that they have already hijacked before and that belongs to one of your contacts. As you can see, the WhatsApp hijacking expands fast like wildfire. It may sound weird, but since the person who writes to you is an acquaintance, you believe it and give it to them.

Big mistake: with your code they have already achieved your WhatsApp account and you have lost it . To make sure you can not recover it, activate the double verification pin so that the only way you can get your WhatsApp account is meeting your requirements, that is, you will have to pay. And they will contact you for it.

How can you protect yourself from the hijacking of WhatsApp accounts?

To begin with, nobody should ask you for this verification code, if they do, be suspicious and do not give it to them under any circumstances. Also, it does not hurt if you activate the double verification yourself , so that the kidnappers do not have it so easy and require an access password. At least, if it is not for you, that they do not have access to your information.

Also, we recommend that you share this article so that other people are alert to this new threat.
What to do if they have hijacked my WhatsApp account?

If it is already too late, we can only try to contact the administrators of WhatsApp to try to recover the account , although it is a process that costs several days. Another option is to contact your telemarketer and request a change of number, but it is a very traumatic change and you will have to start from scratch.

Finally, if this happens, you should contact the authorities and put a report so that it does not go unpunished. And never pay . 

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