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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Jurassic World will have its own Pokémon GO

It seems that the fashion of augmented reality games is not something that will disappear as fast as many thought. In my case, I had the impression that these would disappear in favor of more complex ones, with more interesting mechanics, but now I have the impression that they are going to stretch it as much as possible . Today, we are not going to talk about Niantic or any of its developments, but we do bring you a game that looks a lot like those that have already taken them out.

Universal Pictures and Amblin, in partnership with Ludia, a mobile video game development company, have created the ultimate game for Jurassic lovers. As you have already seen in the title, the Jurassic World franchise will have its own commitment to augmented reality with Jurassic World Alive . Will be available in the coming months and, of course, will be present in the App Store, so that users of the iPhone and iPad can also play from the start.

This new game will make us members of the DPG, or Dinosaur Protection Group, and allow us to explore our surroundings to find some of the most famous creatures on the big screen. Of course, that also includes the unpredictable experiments born of hybridization, we can even create them ourselves . In this way, we will achieve stronger creatures, perfect to face all our rivals.

Okay, it's true, if we are supposedly from a dinosaur protection group we should not have them fight among themselves. But that's the magic of cinema and augmented reality. In us lies the responsibility of taking the road to explore to meet all the dinosaurs, or to improve them to recover our position at the top of the pyramid . And we will have to choose soon in Jurassic World Alive, a game that we hope will arrive in time for the next movie.

And you, do you want to try this new game?

More information | Jurassic World Alive 

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