Kellogg's cereals are more charismatic than an Apple iPhone -


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Saturday, 10 March 2018

Kellogg's cereals are more charismatic than an Apple iPhone

What do you understand by charisma? If we go to the dictionary, charisma is defined as a set of attractiveness or charm, it is something so intangible and subjective ... either way, Apple seems not to have it, or at least not have as much charisma as its rivals Amazon or Google . What a cold water jug ​​we are taking today, we have discovered that Android users are more loyal than those of iOS .

Of course it is quite curious, taking into account that Apple is known for generating such an expectation that its fans profess a similar feeling to a religion , that is why it is so surprising to find it so low in the survey The Charisma Index , falling to the eighth position.

It is not that this study was carried out in countries where the ancestry of the bitten apple is precisely low: the chosen ones came from the United States and several European countries. Among the questions you ask, some are about the courage of the firms, their generosity and integrity, without forgetting their vital mission .

Among the companies under scrutiny were some as relevant as IKEA, Starbucks, Coca Cola, Facebook or Disney. In this list there is a clear winner: Amazon. Bezos giant Beats Google, Hershey, Lego, Netflix, Kellogg's and Disney. Well, in terms of power it is clear that Amazon or Google has little to do Apple, but what about the charisma?

What is missing from Apple to have charisma?

It must be borne in mind that it is still a specific survey, which serves as an approximation, but in no case should be taken as something dogmatic. However, certain issues draw attention .

Where Apple excelled was in a specific question, that of innovation . And it is that the bitten apple fits well in the following sentence:

    It is a brand that dares to innovate, does not stagnate or copy others

Where Apple did not score as well was in the generosity section . Perhaps the reputation of selling expensive products, although Tim Cook believes that their iPhones are not for the rich , has taken their toll.

Or not, not all firms have to compete in the niche under the market. Perhaps his charisma goes to sell quality products ensuring the traceability of its production chain or that the materials are acquired without benefit of contraband and coups, as happens with cobalt .

Another question to underline by Apple is the one referring to the user's needs and satisfaction. Apple is a firm that has been the best company in terms of customer support for several years, but it seems that perhaps the apple bit more than satisfying needs, it goes ahead and creates them . There is more to see the notch and the fashion that has created around him .

There are many ways to measure what people think of Apple, without going further the capitalization of Forbes is one of the most popular. In this particular survey, it may be flawed, but in others it is successful. Without going any further, recently the average life of 4 years of Apple devices showed that beyond surveys, buy Apple is to make a smart investment . 

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