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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Logitech Crayon: this is the cheap alternative to the Apple Pencil

The education sector is in luck. Although Apple has been involved for several years in the development of different solutions for the classrooms, it has not been until this year that the company has turned completely to achieve innovative services and affordable products for students. The idea is that, by combining teaching and technology , the next generations can enjoy learning more, and do it more efficiently.

Therefore, to develop the creativity of students from all over the world, Apple has presented, in an event dedicated to education, new features such as a cheaper iPad with support for the Apple Pencil. And faithful to make all their products more affordable , they have also collaborated with Logitech to create an accessory similar to the Apple Pencil. The Logitech Crayon, a key to a whole world of creativity and freedom of thought.

The Crayon, which has a shape reminiscent of classic carpenter pens, is made of durable materials to withstand the strong creative discharges of the youngest. In addition, although it is quite cheaper than Apple Pencil, with a starting price of $ 49 , the truth is that you can use the same functions as the Cupertino accessory. Of course, you can not reach the same level of precision as the first, and its shape is also really different.

However, taking into account that it is a product designed for the classes, and not for a professional environment, are aspects that will not be a problem for most users. In fact, in many cases it will not even be worthwhile to consider the greater expenditure that the Pencil supposes. The biggest inconvenience that we see for now, is that we still do not know its sale price outside the United States, nor when will it arrive.

And you, would you buy a Logitech Crayon instead of an Apple Pencil? 

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