MWC 2018: Social Robots that chat, educate and help with homework fell in love with the public -


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Saturday, 3 March 2018

MWC 2018: Social Robots that chat, educate and help with homework fell in love with the public

The social robots that chat, watch the house and help with homework, have fallen in love with the public at the MWC in Barcelona. Social Robots are gaining ground this year, as they have been specially designed with applications for therapy, teaching and to interact with people, facilitating day to day their owners. These robots include viewers through which they identify their interlocutor to make personalized the inetractation.

Social robots are especially designed as personal assistants for the elderly and the chronically ill.

They are some of the social robots

Pepper: This android has been one of the most striking in the room. Thanks to its sensors, it locates when someone passes by and calls him to get his attention. Manufactured by SoftBank, your design is focused on recognizing the emotion and mood of your inerlocutor, so that your interaction with human beings is as natural and intuitive as possible. Pepper is directly connected to the Internet, can keep you up to date with the latest news, weather forecast, or even help you find a recipe. You can talk to him about the topic you want!

R obelf   Ideal for families with children, Robelf is designed with teaching skills. Also to monitor the house, so that strangers do not enter, because it is equipped with a Monitoring System. He can talk, tell stories, take voice commands, teach lessons, make phone calls and even tell jokes. According to I ndiegogo , its manufacturers, is "one more member of the family".

Ijin i: At first glance it could seem like a pet because its shape is more like a dog. It makes an alarm clock, it reminds you of dates, you can look for a video on YouTube or other platforms so you can see it, look for educational content or tell stories. to your children, and is able to block violent or sexual content to minors. Ijini is manufactured by Innovative Plan Lab.

Both Ijini and Robelf also act as guardians: if they detect a person inside the home when it is supposed to be empty and they can not identify it, they call the police.

A robot as a member of the family

Beyond the help at home and safety, robots are gaining prominence in the area of ​​health. These small assistants are able to register altered parameters in the health of their owners, so that when they detect an anomaly they notify the doctor.

There have been no missing in the MWC this year the artist robots; some dance, like Konka's KR2, which moves to the beat of Gangnam Style; others play, like Vestel, who emulates Paganini with an imaginary violin, and there are even those who paint imitating a human to whom they are connected with 5G technology.

What would you like to have?

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