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Friday, 23 March 2018

Neither Razer, Xiaomi or Nubia: Why the iPhone is the real smartphone for gamers

Videogames are experiencing a new spring thanks to their successful adaptation to a platform such as the mobile phone, which enables users to be there every day and practically at all times. Titles like Pokémon GO, Super Mario Run last year or this year the flashing releases of PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Battle Royale do nothing but confirm it. And there is still Dragon Ball .

Yes, there are good times for video games on smartphones, so much so that even some brands have already rushed to design and market a smartphone for gamers , as are the cases of Razer or Xiaomi. They are late: the iPhone is already the absolute king of the game.

And is that for years you have the general perception - personally I have to say that quite right - that Apple products are not the best to play , but it is an impression that comes from macOS. iOS is another story.

Why iOS is better for games than Android

Every time we like to play more on mobile , a reflection that has also made one of the people who knows more about games on the iPhone, Greg Joswiak of Apple, during the conference of game developers of 2018, as we read in TechCrunch . And iOS is ready for it.

    iOS can support the current generation of video game consoles. Each year we are able to innovate and update ourselves with technology that we provide to developers so that they have the necessary tools. The gameplay of these games has surprised people.

iOS makes the difference in itself as a gaming environment, but also the ARKit Augmented Reality platform has made this possible. That's why it's no wonder that for iOS and iPhone game developers it's their first choice even over the flexibility and freedom of Android .

But it's not the only reason, Joswiak argues another compelling reason:

    The user base is very homogeneous

What does this mean? That 90% of iPhones and iPads run the latest version of iOS , which allows advances to materialize in their fleet of devices and also ensures that reaches the vast majority of users.

What would be the point of investing in the development of a video game that uses Android Oreo functions when most Android phones do not have it? Tim Cook took the colors to the Android industry in the past WWDC 2017 with an overwhelming figure: 86% of iOS devices had iOS 10 installed, for Android only 7% had Android 7.0.

The consequence of this is that developers can implement the new functions and exploit the possibilities of new devices in iOS as much as in Android and its damn fragmentation.

The numbers do not fail: the games of the App Store grow more and become more popular . It is no coincidence that in iOS 11 the Apple download platform was updated: they wanted to make this task even easier by increasing traffic.

Of course, more traffic and more downloads, higher sales and more benefits for Apple , which breaks records every period . Even Apple offers facilities to developers as the "Today" showcase or the ability to reserve the apps before they leave .

We are at the beginning of an exciting golden age for video games on smartphones and, as with facial recognition , Android is back in years . 

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