Nothing from China: the iPhone is made in the USA, according to Tim Cook -


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Friday, 30 March 2018

Nothing from China: the iPhone is made in the USA, according to Tim Cook

The iPhone, and indeed all the production of Apple products, are assembled in the Asian country. China brings together the assembly of Cupertino products , as do many technology companies. Although the CEO of the company, Tim Cook, is not of that opinion.

He qualifies on this, it seems that he does not like to be recognized as being mounted in China . " It is not true that iPhone is not built in the United States, " the head of the American company haughtily quotes. He insists on practically intact manufacturing of his products on American soil.

And he says all this not for nothing, but because the design work is carried out entirely in the American country. In addition, it boasts of the 9,000 North American suppliers that supply the Cupertino to manufacture their products, which is nothing there.

For example, from Texas come the Face ID lasers, the biometric identification system of the iPhone X, and from Kentucky comes the glass of the screens. But of course, if you turn your phone over you will see that the inscription " Assembled in China " reads . This is what the CEO of the company takes advantage of to insist on those who ask him. In China it is only where the device is mounted , where the different components are sent for final assembly.

Apple employs in the United States 50,000 people from each and every one of the states that make up the country, taking into account to increase to 70,000 within five years. This is the trick that Tim Cook uses when people ask themselves in an obsessive way about the supposed Chinese origin of the devices of the bitten apple.

Did you think there was anything more American than the rodeo, Hollywood or the autocines? No, the iPhone is among one of these icons, at least for Mr. Cook.

Via | cultofmac 

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